UNN Hostel Robbed

It was a horrible experience for the occupants of the Nursing Mother Section of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka hostel as they were attacked by armed robbers while they were asleep.

According to our source an occupant in the block, who spoke on conditions of anonymity, the hostel is specially reserved for Nursing mothers who are students of the University. According to our source, the incident occurred at about 1am on Saturday, 27th May, 2017, when one of the occupants of the hostel opened up her door to answer the call of nature.

“It was about 1am, we have all gone to sleep, one of my neighbours got up in the night to go ease herself in the Toilet. Immediately she opened the door, she saw a guy standing before her with a gun pointed to her. The guy asked her to go back inside and keep quiet. She went back inside and took her Rosary, praying. The robber only took her phone, although there were other important stuffs in the room including a laptop that was charging on her table, probably the robber was touched by the prayer.” She said.

When asked whether the school security came to their rescue, she replied that the school’s security were not even aware of what was going on until after the incident when they called them from their posts.

“We thought that it was just the phone, but, when the day broke, some other occupants came out to complain that they can not find their laptops and Phones. Whether, it was the robber that attacked my neighbour that did same, we do not know and whether he stole from the others before coming over to steal from my neighbour’s, we do not know.” she added.

When our reporter visited the hostel, it was found out that the block is an extension of the famous Ziks Flat, a hostel located directly outside the school’s second gate. The Ziks flat hostel has been abandoned for years due to its dilapidating nature.

From our findings, occupants of the Nursing Mothers’ hall are yet to get over the incident as every night that approaches to them could be another night of robbery. However, we learnt that measures are being put in place to forestall a future occurrence. As we learnt, the hall porter is now on the lookout for male visitors and has also fixed a time for visitation but, whether such measures would be helpful to avert a repeat of such incident we leave to time.

The Nursing mothers block forms part of this Famous Zik’s flat, abandoned for years now.