University of Nigeria to host a Hult Prize Campus Challenge

The students of the University of Nigeria are in for a great challenge as the Hult Prize Global Challenge comes to the University this year.

The Hult Prize is an initiative of Ahmad Ashkar, who in 2009, had a compelling idea—leverage the crowd to generate startup ideas from young people to sustainably solve the world’s most critical social challenges. And through the help of Hult, he acted on it. According to the Official Hult Prize Website, ” In nearly a decade, the movement has deployed more than $50M of capital into the sector and mobilized more than one million young people to re-think the future of business as it continues to breed disruptive innovation on college and university campuses across 100 plus countries. The Hult Prize Foundation been called the”Nobel Prize for Students” and has been featured in a TIME Magazine Cover Story highlighting the “Top 5 Ideas Changing the World.”

A message from the Hult Prize University of Nigeria Campus Director for 2017/2018, Justice Imo Kalu, the Hult Prize creates a chance for the students of the University “to show the world that our institution is dedicated to Impact. It’s not everyday that you have an opportunity to change the world.”

This year’s Challenge which is: “Harnessing the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people” seeks to challenge University students around the World to come up with a unique idea through which the Power of Energy could be properly harnessed.  The Grand Prize of this challenge is a whooping one million dollars.

According to the University of Nigeria Campus Director, students must not necessarily have an idea to enrol to compete in the Competition. All they need have is the desire to change the World.

Further details of the Challenge as made public by the Campus Director lists November 4th as date for an Information Session. According to him, the information session will avail students of the University the opportunity to know more about what the Hult Prize Challenge is all about and the processes involved.