Schedule for online GS 201 Test.

This is to inform all University of Nigeria Students that the schedule for the online GSP test is out. However, as of today, only the schedule for GSP 201, Social Sciences and Peace and Conflict Studies 1, has been released. This is not in anyway surprising as the unit is clearly the most performing when compared to the other Units in the Department.

The schedule which was signed by KCW Udegbunam, Phd., has the following information concerning the online test which is scheduled to hold on the 25th of April, 2017.

The test can be written anywhere, so long you have a stable internet connection. So, no need risking it all the road if you are not yet ready for resumption.

Students are also advised to abide strictly to the schedule. That is to say, if you are in Batch 2, for example, do not leave it to write during the time meant for those in Batch 10.

  • BATCH 1: 08.00 — 08.10am

Electronic Engineering, Science Education, Library and Info. Science.

  • BATCH 2: 08.20–08.30am

Medicine and Surgery, FAA and Social Work.

  • BATCH 3: 08.40–08.50am

Economics, Botany and Mathematics

  • BATCH 4: 09.00–09.10am

Social Science Education, Nursing and Geography.

  • BATCH 5: 09.20–09.30am

Electrical Engineering, Statistics and Medical Rehabilitation

  • BATCH 6: 09.40–09.50am

Mass Communication, VTE and Dentistry

  • BATCH 7: 10.00–10.10am 

Arts Education, Civil Engineering and Archaeology/Tourism.

  • BATCH 8: 10.20–10.30am

Zoology, FST and Agricultural Economics.

  • BATCH 9: 10.40–10.50am

Public Admin., Theatre Arts, Soil Science and Human Kinetics.

  • BATCH 10: 11.00–11.10am

Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Extension, Crop Science, Animal Science and Religion.

  • BATCH 11: 11.20–11.30am

English/Literary Studies and Sociology/Anthropology

  • BATCH 12: 11.40–11.50am

Met/Mat Engineering, Political Science and Human Physiology.

  • BATCH 13: 12.00–12.10pm

Combined Arts, Psychology and Foreign Languages.

  • BATCH 14: 12.20–12.30pm

Pure/Industrial Chemistry, History/International Studies, Music, Human Anatomy and Philosophy.

  • BATCH 15: 12.40–12.50pm

Mechanical Engineering and Linguistics.

  • BATCH 16: 01.00–01.10pm


  • BATCH 17: 01.20–01.30pm

Combined Biological Sciences, Education Foundation and Geology.

  • BATCH 18: 01.40–01.50pm

Computer Science, Medical Radiography and HSND.

  • BATCH 19: 02.00–02.10pm

Combined Social Sciences and ABE.

  • BATCH 20: 02.20–02.30pm

Medical Lab. Science, Physics/Astronomy.

  • BATCH 21: 02.40–02.50pm

Pharmacy and Adult Education.

  • BATCH 22: 03.00–03.10pm

Biochemistry and Combined Physical Sciences.

  • BATCH 23: 03.20–03.30pm

Banking/Finance, Marketing and Nursing

  • BATCH 24: 03.40–03.50pm

Urban/Regional Planning, Surveying, Estate Management, Medical Rehabilitation, Medical Radiography, Medicine/Surgery and Dentistry.

  • BATCH 25: 04.00–04.10pm

Accountancy and Management.

  • BATCH 26: 04.20–04.30pm

Law and Medical Lab. Science (Enugu Campus).

For the dates for the other GS courses, click here to see our previous post on it.