OUR INFORMATION SAGE IS PLUS ONE TODAY: A special Birthday Message from Dist. Sen. Kcee Okenwa, to Comrade Okeke Chibueze.

It was the renowned socialist, Adewole Immanuel that said;

“The purpose for something is the reason for which it is made or done. When the reason for the creation of an object is clear, the its function will not be lost or abused. The intent of the manufacturer before he goes ahead to make a product will define the function and usefulness of the object.”

Even from the words of this socialist, one could infer that the Almighty God already knows the reason for your creation this day.
These reasons are not farfetched from helping others grow, enlightening others from your vast knowledge of politics, giving first hand information and experience to all and sundry, to mention but a few.

Let me at this juncture join the hosts of many others this day to felicitate with you COMR. CHIBUEZE OKEKE, on your birthday.
Chibueze is a man of his words and a very dogged comrade to the call, it’s be 4years of our friendship and you’ve been a good friend, a mentor, a brother and very strong political ally (even though we disagreed in the last one).
Your leadership experience, prowess and exemplary life is quite impeccable and commendable indeed. No wonder, you swayed from being the class representative of class of 2017 Department of Archeology and Tourism, to becoming the very active Electronic Manager of Information Office under the leadership of Comr. Ekene Oji to becoming one of the best comrades we ever had in recent years as the Information Officer under the leadership of Comr. Emmanuel Chukwu as the President alongside Comr. Jennifer Obidiebube as the Vice President.

Your track records in these various offices have been quite impeccable and commendable indeed and even evidently evident to the blind, deaf and dumb. Your watchwords were, are and would still be, HUMILITY, INNOVATION, JUSTICE, and UPRIGHTNESS. No wonder, the great African Scientist, Philip Emeagwali asserts that;

“The potential for progress and poverty alleviation in Africa relies on capital generated from the power within our minds, not from our ability to pick minerals from the ground or seek debt relief and foreign assistance. Africa needs innovators, producers of knowledge, and wise men who can discover, propose, and then implement progressive ideas.”

Africa needs men like OKEKE CHIBUEZE, because he’s a man with a big heart for the common man.
Even as a Class Rep, you’ve taught and inculcated in me and many of your fellow Classreps you’ve then, the need and importance to always carry our classmates along in key decision making process and this helped me then and I am very sure it did help many others too.

I cannot but thank God for your life and the journey so far, though it hasn’t been so easy, I wish you success, grace, peace, hope, good tidings, protection, guidance, divine intervention, divine protection, joy, mercy, favours, hope, peace, progress, good grades, riches, knowledge, wisdom in all your endeavors in life, understanding, long life and prosperity. Amen.
Thanks for being there.

Thanks for teaching us how to be self-confident and selfless.

Thanks for being an exemplary leader.

Thanks for impacting lives.

Thanks for your first hand information (my internship scholarship wouldn’t have been possible if you didn’t share the information about it).

Thanks for being a Father.

Thanks for Selling the image of the Union to the students.

Thanks for mentoring people like us.
I am indeed short of words to describe how much happiness my heart exudes on this day of your celebration.

I wish you well sir.


(Immediate Past SUG Information Officer 2016/2017 Session)

Kenechi Okenwa

(SUG Senator, 2016/2017 Session)

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