Make this Week Count.

As young persons in this present world, neglecting our own personal growth has become something we do with dexterity.

We get caught up in our busy lives,thinking that our lives, studies, relationships or the mundane chores we have to get done are all important .

They are though, but the truth is “nothing is as important as our¬†personal growth and development.”

If we really want to give more and also to get more out of life then we must have to become more.

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The only way we can become more is by investing in ourselves.

Some of us may need to go on a personal retreat to really figure out “the view point” and to intentionally develop ourselves in accordance to the view point.

So,what are you going to do this week to get yourself closer to what your soul truly wants???

Make the week count!!

(Moments with Chiamaka is a special Column owned by Chiamaka, a student of Food Science in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.)