You can now write for us

To our esteemed readers and fans out there, we have good news for you today as the management of DENpedia Media is offering our platform for interested persons who may have opinion articles or any other articles he or she may wish to get out to the public.

This decision is in furtherance to our commitment to serving our audience better as we recognise how much everyone wish to be heard.

However, persons submitting articles are to note that the articles shall be subjected to editorial screening and consideration for worthiness to be published on our platform. To make it easier for our readers, articles seeking to promote a political cause, party, or a brand may not be considered as an opinion article. Such may however, be accommodated under our Advert session.

All articles to be submitted are to be written in English Language void of vulgar. Opinion Articles are to be submitted to:

or via Whatsapp to our Editor, 07051096067.

Further information and enquiries could also be made via any of the channel.