It is with a sense of urgency and order that I pen this down over what I consider as an abuse of official privileges.

On Monday, 1st of May, 2017, I received a copy of a Birthday message written from the office of the Information Officer of the Students Union, University of Nigeria, Nsukka addressed to one Rotr. Ofomata Chidi, who the Information Officer regarded in the message as “a great friend”.

As much as I am not against one felicitating with another on a birthday, I see it as a gross abuse of the privileges of the office which the Information Officer occupies to have written such from the much adored office of the SUG Information. The said message is a personal message of Attamah and is in no way the business of the Information Office or the Union in general. This is because the said Ofomata, who the message was addressed to is not recognised by name in the constitution of the Union. So, on what grounds do a whole office of the Union owe him a birthday greeting???

This act of the Information Officer is one which if care is not taken will degenerate to other things altogether.

This is not the first time occupants of offices in the Union have abused the privileges embedded in the office they occupy in pursuit of their personal interests. One of such occupants, years back, went as far as using the funds of the Union to host and celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday and sending out greetings to her in his official capacity.

I therefore call on the Information Officer and every other elected officer of the Union to please take note and desist from act or acts that does not represent the Interests of the Union in any way.

It is high time we all understood that the Offices of the Union are bigger than the occupants of the Union and lives on after the occupant. So, it is only unwise and careless to immerse the office in personal affairs. If any occupant of an office has need to send a personal message across to someone, he can do such in his personal capacity and not in his official capacity.

The time has come when abuses as this and other penuries will be called to question and every elected officer held accountable for every of his actions while he is in office. Until such is in place, we can not get the best out of the Union.